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Hansen, Thorvald


Concert Waltz

Frederick Thorvald Hansen (3 May 1847 - 24 January 1915) was a Danish trumpeter and composer. As a boy, he learned to play the piano, organ, violin, and later trumpet: with Peter Johan Waldemar Petersen, Danish trumpeter (1824-1901)². In 1867, Hansen joined the Tivoli Concert hall Orchestra and in 1884 he was hired as a solo trumpeter in the Royal Danish Orchestra. At the same time, he played viola and violin in various chamber ensembles. Hansen was for many years organist substitute for cathedral organist J. P. E. Hartmann in the Church of Our Lady. He also composed and has written a number of smaller pieces for piano and trumpet, but also other things such some Progressive End Exercises for Trumpet in F. In 1893 he joined the Royal Danish Academy of Music to teach trumpet there.

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