Understanding Reeds

Here are some images to help you better understand the parts of a reed and how and where to "work on them".  I would recommend on the cheap end, 600 grit sandpaper as a basis for your work.  If you have money, get some reed rush and then a reed clipper.  More money? ...get the Vandoren glass reed tools. As a general rule, avoid the heart of the reed (the red).

Clarinet reed with areas for adjustments highlighted.
Clarinet reed with low register adjustments highlighted.
Clarinet reed with clarion register adjustments highlighted.
Clarinet reed with altissimo register adjustments highlighted.

The reeds above show the "general areas" to adjust and balance for the ranges you feel sluggish or unresponsive.  As a general rule, most people start out their reed adjustment adventures balancings in the upper range area in the right-most reed (lowest reed on mobile device).  When you see people doing the "side to side" thing where they turn the mouthpiece and play on one side at a time, that is the area (high) they end up adjusting in.

Clarinet reed with register adjustments highlighted.
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