Other Advanced Topics

Here you will find vetted videos demonstrating and teaching what used to be called "extended techniques".  Today, these techniques are becoming more and more the standard.  Suggestions encouraged!  More links at bottom of page.

Double-tonguing by Alexey Gorokholinskiy

Alexey's take on learning to double-tongue.

Double-tonguing by Micheal Rusinek

Michael's approach to learning to double-tongue.

Double-tonguing by Sergio Pires.

Sergio's input on double-tonguing.

Circular breathing by Oskar Espina Ruiz

Professor Ruiz's approach to teaching circular breathing.

Circular breathing by Mike Lowenstern

Mike's take on how to circular breathe.

Circular breathing by Corrado Giuffredi

Corrado's input on circular breathing.

Quarter-tones played by Francois Houle.

Demonstrating and explaining quarter-tones on the clarinet.

Petite Methode Contemporaine / 7 Multiphonics

BSO Second Clarinetist, Vitor Trindade, teaches us commonly used extended techniques performed on the clarinet along with musical examples.