Helpful Tools for Practice

The Tools we use can be important to our success and growth as a performer.  On this page you we give you online tools to use so that as long as you have Internet access, you are ready. 
The Online Metronome site was created by Andrew Swinney.    Please support his site here.

Recommended Apps

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Pro Metronome App.webp
Pro Metronome

I absolutely love the interface for this metronome. It also provides a good bit of functionality to include deep subdivisions, a Rhythm Trainer, various tone choices, fast response, preset genre rhythms and polyrhythms. I highly recommend this for Apple and Android.

TonalEnergy App.webp
Waves Tuner App.webp
TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome

This app shines with functionality. It has a robust metronome, tuner and recorder with wave analysis. It is known as "the tuner with the smiley face". My only gripe is that the interface seems kind of cluttered. I guess the Pro Metronome above interface kind of spoils you. This is available for Apple and Android.

Waves Tuner

What I like about this Tuner is that it has a clean interface and is very responsive. I do wish they included the clarinet in their instrument tuning list (it just means you will always see the concert pitch name), but otherwise a very good and reliable tuner. Available for Android.