Online Live Lessons

Even with all the resources available on Musix4me, nothing can replace having a real professional listen to you play and guide you to improvement.  That is where this page comes in.  The professionals listed below offer online lessons for money.  I offer these connections as a convenience for you.  I am rather confident that you will be pleased with your experience and am happy to help you make connections here.


You should note that there are icons beside each instructor's picture that indicates how they can connect with you.  Make sure you have the ability to connect with them using the same platform (i.e. Face Time, Skype, Hangouts, etc).  If they have a personal site, it will be linked in their name.  You may also simply contact them via email by clicking the contact button under their name.

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Disclaimer:  While I have not personally met some of the teachers listed, their names here are based on a long standing relationship within the Clarinetist community and I feel that these excellent teachers will offer fantastic instruction.  I hope your experience is a positive one--Please let me know if it isn't!  I receive no monetary compensation from these teachers to include them here.