MIDI Files

The LARGEST collection of Clarinet specific midi files on the Internet.


MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface (generically, a way to get music into your computer).  What that means for you (in short...VERY short) is tons of files from the earliest time of the web.  MIDI files, unlike recorded audio files, are basically the notes you would read in music turned into numbers—the files are very small.  The trade off is that the quality of the sound is very "computer-like" rather than "life-like".  With a MIDI file, the computer literally performs the music for you using the sounds it can make.  So that is an extremely basic explanation of how MIDI files work (without getting into Sound Fonts and other developments).


My advice for you is that you find quality MIDI files (there is a wide variety of quality) for the pieces you are learning and then find an easy to use MIDI player that allows you to adjust the speed and mute the clarinet part.  Then you have a quick and easy practice partner and an immediately huge library of pieces to play!


Below is the Clarinet MIDI Library I have collected and a nice online MIDI player. Download the MIDI you like from here and when you get to the Online Sequencer linked below, click "Import MIDI" at the top to load your MIDI.


Looking for Pop Culture MIDI? Try https://freemidi.org/topmidi

Also check out the "Classical" files on Oliver Seely's site.

* Note: The media player on your phone or computer will likely playback a MIDI file, but it will not likely have controls to mute the clarinet part. You really need a dedicated MIDI player.  Read more about MIDI here.

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