Leveled Lessons in Playlists

These are basic, core lessons that every clarinetist should be exposed to.  Click on the area that most fits your ability level and run through the playlists.  As you progress, move up to the next area.  For a more complete exposure to grouped videos, please visit the Musix4me YouTube channel linked at the bottom of every page.

These lessons start with putting the instrument together, putting the reed on and making your first sounds.  Also included are how to hold the instrument properly and play your first notes.  As a treat, there is a list of cover songs where Mr. Selfridge shows you by rote (no need to read notes).

These lessons assume you know everything in the beginner lessons and can read basic notes and rhythms.  By the time you finish these lessons, you should be able to play the middle movement (Adagio) of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto.  You have some hard work ahead of you in here!

These lessons assume you can play at least the Adagio movement of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto correctly/well.  When you are finished with these lessons, you should be well on you way to playing in college and have a handle on a good bit of the standard repertoire (i.e. you can play the entire Mozart Clarinet Concerto with correct technique).

These playlists deal with techniques like double-tonguing, circular breathing and other more advanced concepts.  These concepts assume you have a strong understanding and grasp of the basics of playing the clarinet to the Advanced levels.

Want to take lessons from a real professional clarinetist?  The teachers listed on this page are professional clarinetists who offer online lessons through FaceTime, Skype, Meet, Zoom, etc. Check them out!