Intermediate Lessons

These lessons outline the core technical skills, knowledge and understanding that you need to become a proficient clarinetist.
I will continue to gather or create these intermediate lessons and I strongly encourage you to visit and enjoy Michelle Anderson's YouTube Channel "Clarinet Mentors" as well as Cally's Clarinet ChannelExcellent stuff there!
Music Notation and Theory

Presented by the New York Jazz Academy, these lessons start from the very basics of music notation through more intermediate and advanced music theory. 

Well worth saving the playlist and returning for new lessons or a refresher as the case might be.

Clarinet Scales and Technique

Presented by the United States Army Band, these videos cover three octave scales, scales in thrids and sixth and other technique building exercises.

These exercises bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced.

Rose Etudes

Presented by Sean Osborn, this video describes Sean's approach to the Rose Etudes. Highly recommended, particularly for Intermediate to Advanced players.

These etudes bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced.

Valuable Resources Around the Web

Try these pages and resources to help you move forward at the Intermediate level.