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Esch, Louis

(? - 1829)

Airs Champentres

The London magazine, 1829: Volume 3, page 140 "Death of the composer Von Esch; the celebrated musical composer, Louis Von Esch, died the beginning of last month, at the Palace Visconti, in Milan, after an illness of three days; this distinguished and elegant composer was of an ancient and noble German family, and came over to this country with many other persons of consideration at the commencement of the French revolution; here he laudably availed himself of a peculiar native talent as a composer and teacher of music, in which profession he so eminently excelled; at the general peace of 1814 he left England to prosecute his claims for the recovery of the family property; his works, which are original, have long been considered as the standard of fine expression, united with good taste."

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