Band Directors

Most band directors build a repertoire of lessons that they teach regularly.  This page is to offer tips for clarinet repairs and reminders of the basic core skills and understanding that young clarinetists should develop.  If you have tricks and tips you'd like to share in any format (i.e. document, video, podcast, etc), please send it to us and we will include it for others to use.
The US Army Field Band

The US Army Field Band has excellent, hi def videos for educational purposes. I highly recommend you visit their channel.

Facebook Band Directors Group

I would like to strongly encourage you to consider using Facebook and the Facebook group Band Directors.  A sizeable group of middle, high school, private and college band directors (over 16,000!) that support and guide each other is active there.  I've seen many, many helpful conversations that have helped new and old directors alike.

Please Make Suggestions and Recommendations

I would love to expand this page to be useful to you.  Please share its existence and then come back and recommend things you'd like to see here related to clarinet.  The end, long-term vision for Musix4me is to be all inclusive so that there will be a series of successful sites that are each dedicated to a specific instrument.  Let's get the clarinet working and then I can recruit others to begin expanding the site.  Thank you!