Advanced Lessons

These lessons will assume you know the core skills and knowledge from the Intermediate lessons.  Here you will find lessons to push your ability toward college level playing.  You will also find masterclasses on performing and material on how to interpret the standard works.  
Petite Method of Contemporary Notation

Demonstrations of modern notation and how to perform it.

Franck Amet (Paris Conservatory Teacher) 

Mr. Amet shares his personal fingers for many of the major works in the clarinet repertory.

Introduction to Tosca by Lee Morgan

This is just an excerpt from the lesson.  You will need to join Play With A Pro to see the entire lesson (and many others).  Very high quality stuff here.

Shankar Tucker: Sound of the Hindustani clarinet

Shankar Tucker mesmerizes with his soulful clarinet -- a Western instrument he modified to play his distinctive Hindustani style.

Orchestral Clarinet solos by Laura Magistrelli 

A collection of thirteen (13) major orchestral solos excerpted from her career. Most of these are standards on orchestral auditions.

Sydney Symphony - Frank Celata
Beethoven Symphony No. 6

Frank Celata, Associate Principal Clarinet of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, gives an orchestral audition masterclass on an excerpt from the first movement of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony.

Klezmer - Robin Seletsky

Klezmer music is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe.  Every clarinetist should be aware of Klezmer music and how to accomplish the sound effects linked with this style of clarinet playing.  You will not be disappointed!  A name to know is Giora Feidman.

History Demands (Leon Russianoff)

Leon Russianoff was the teacher of "the Players", "the Teachers" and "Everyone"  If you are a clarinetist, you need to know who this man was and how he taught.  You're welcome.

History Demands (Karl Leister)

Karl Leister is a veteran German clarinetist who, for decades, was considered to have the perfect clarinet tone.  His highest altissimo C has the warmth and center of most players' clarion G.

History Demands (Benny Goodman)

Benny Goodman was a leading Jazz clarinetist for most of the early and mid-twentieth century.  He was called "The King of Swing" and helped establish Jazz music to the wider public.  His influence is felt to this day!

History Demands (Harold Wright)

Harold Wright was the principal clarinetist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1970 to 1993.  His playing and teaching impacted a generation of American players who wanted to emulate his meticulous sound and technique.